The industrial property sector has been on fire across the nation as e-commerce, ghost kitchens, last-mile distribution, and other factors have created even more demand for this asset class. SharpLine has proven experience in all types of industrial assets from landlord and tenant leasing, property management, owner-user and investment sales and acquisitions. In this highly competitive market, it is even more important to have a strategic partner on your side to meet your investment, leasing and site selection goals.       

Unleashing Opportunities: Exploring the Benefits of Investing in Commercial Industrial Properties

1. Robust Rental Yields: Industrial properties often offer competitive rental yields, providing investors with a lucrative income stream.

2. Long Lease Terms: Industrial leases tend to be longer in duration, providing greater stability and reducing the frequency of tenant turnover.

3. Essential in Supply Chains: Industrial properties play a crucial role in supply chains, making them resilient even in economic downturns as businesses continue to require storage and distribution spaces.

4. Limited Tenant Improvement Costs: Compared to other commercial properties, tenants in industrial spaces often cover a significant portion of improvement costs, reducing the financial burden on property owners.

5. Scalability for Large Operations: Industrial properties are well-suited for large-scale operations, attracting established businesses looking for expansive facilities.

6. Low Maintenance Costs: Industrial buildings typically have lower maintenance costs compared to other types of commercial properties, contributing to a more favorable cost-to-income ratio for investors.

7. Market Demand: The growing e-commerce sector and global supply chain dynamics contribute to an increasing demand for industrial spaces, making it a strategically sound investment.

8. Adaptability to Technological Advances: Industrial properties can accommodate advancements in technology, such as automated manufacturing processes, making them suitable for evolving industries.

9. Tax Incentives: Depending on the region, investors in industrial properties may benefit from tax incentives, further enhancing the overall return on investment.

10. Portfolio Diversification: Including industrial properties in an investment portfolio provides diversification, reducing overall risk by balancing the investment mix across different property types.


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